Quarry 21, called “Lorano II”, is located in the marble basin of Torano, one of the three located in Carrara together with Colonnata and Miseglia.
The history of Lorano II has its roots in a very distant time, even in the last years of the nineteenth century, when the Giorgi family began to deal with mining.
 The quarry was worked continuously until the middle of the following century. Then the work was interrupted for a few decades, resuming in 1986 with the establishment of the “Marmi Lorano II Srl excavation” which, even today, deals with the cultivation of the field.
This century-old history reflects noble values, such as love for our work, values ​​that have been handed down from generation to generation within our family.
Tradition, competence and availability are the elements that we provide to the customer.


The quarry develops underground and is processed using modern excavation techniques, in compliance with aspects concerning safety and respect for the environment.
The excavation faces reach a height that varies from 3 to 9 metres, expanding for dozens more metres. From these, blocks of various qualities are extracted: Bianco Carrara C extra, Bianco Carrara C, Bianco Carrara CD, Bianco Carrara D and Bardiglio Nuvolato.