Bianco Carrara Lorano II marble has always been one of the most sought-after and precious materials, a material of the highest quality that stands out for its unique characteristics of elegance, refinement and durability.

In this special variety of marble there is no annoying “tarolo” (the small holes the size of a few millimetres that exist in some marbles).

Bianco Carrara Lorano II marble also has a fine grain and an extraordinary lustre and brightness that make it an ideal ornamental marble for all internal and external implementations.

Bianco Carrara C
Bianco Carrara marble


Bianco Carrara Lorano II CD marble is considered the second commercial choice to Bianco Carrara Lorano II marble because it has a less shiny background colour, while maintaining the same physical-mechanical characteristics. Also, fine-grained and without the annoying “tarolo”, it is excellent for every surface finish.


Thanks to the excellent relations with other quarries of Carrara we are able to continuously provide the customer with Bianco Carrara Venato. This precious marble is a compact material of medium-fine grain with more or less dark grey veins. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Bianco Carrara marble
bardiglio nuvolato marble


Bardiglio Lorano II marble is a very precious marble that is characterised by its very strong consistency. This particular type of marble has a very fine grain and a dark grey colour.

It can be extracted in two ways: at 45 degrees or nuvolato. When quarried at 45 degrees, it is characterised by very thin grains at 45 degrees with dark grey, light grey and, alternatively, a whitish colour which does not affect the homogeneous appearance of the material. If it is quarried as nuvolato (clouded), it is characterised by a dark grey, light grey and whitish stain pattern that makes the material look uniform and harmonious. Bardiglio Lorano II is a material that is often used to create valuable floors and coverings, both for interiors and exteriors, for its qualities of resistance to atmospheric agents, heat and cold.